Viakoo Introduces Automated System and Data Verification for IoT Devices with New IoT Tracker at ISC West 2018

Las Vegas, NV (April 6, 2018) – Viakoo, the leading provider of automated system and data verification solutions for video surveillance and access control, is introducing a new IoT Tracker at ISC West 2018 (booth #33087). Designed to leverage their proven technology, the new IoT tracker helps to deliver verification for other IoT devices on the network.

Viakoo’s unique solution has gained traction by providing a comprehensive system for ensuring that access and video surveillance devices are operating within expected parameters, alerting security officers/managers when problems arise. Now, with the IoT Tracker, the company is doing the same for other IP-connected devices, including Wi-Fi locks, security entrances, uninterrupted power supplies, visitor management systems and more.

The Viakoo IoT Tracker is scalable and cost-effective. It was created to help users verify connectivity of IP-connected devices on a regular basis to ensure they remain operational, in addition to gathering data through Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) to provide reliable and complete updates on the operational status of each device. It also provides a simple solution, eliminating the need to develop an expensive or cumbersome custom tool.

“Our users require visibility and automation for IP devices beyond video surveillance and access control networks,” said Bud Broomhead, CEO, Viakoo. “Viakoo’s thorough knowledge of proactive automation served as a natural basis for us to provide a solution for all IoT devices utilized by physical security systems.”

Additional information on Viakoo’s IoT Tracker can be found on their blog,

Securing the Physical Security Network with a Single Pane of Glass.”

For more information on Viakoo, visit or visit Booth #33087 at ISC West 2018 for a demonstration.

About Viakoo

Viakoo automatically verifies performance of physical security systems and delivers automated proof of networked physical security system compliance. Leveraging purpose-built technology Viakoo quickly and automatically detects physical security system failures, diagnoses problems, alerts users with repair information, and maintains historical records on operations. With Viakoo users improve physical surveillance and security reliability and performance, gain critical insight into physical security systems, capture valuable operational performance information, eliminate lapses in security coverage and automate reporting for compliance and auditing.

Viakoo Inc. is an Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) company, located in Mountain View, California, USA.

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