IoT Device SSL/TLS Certificate Management

Extend Zero Trust for IoT Network Devices With Certificate Manager

IoT device certificates (TLS/SSL) are critical to extending zero trust to IoT devices. Viakoo Device Certificate Manager automates the process of provisioning, refreshing, and revoking IoT device certificates, providing detailed information on both managed and unmanaged IoT devices and their certificate status. A chain-of-custody process is incorporated to ensure device certificates cannot be modified or compromised. This ensures that IoT devices are properly authenticated and authorized to access critical data and systems.

Secure Your IoT Network with SSL/TLS Certificates

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TLS/SSL- certificates provide greater level of IoT network security.

Transport Layer Security (TSL) is an updated more secure version of SSL certificates. TLS certificates typically have the option of ECC, RSA or DSA encryption depending on the IoT device capabilities.

The IoT network security and IoT device security landscape requires properly managed TLS/SSL device certificates. Enterprises that utilize IoT devices that use TLS certificates can be confident that their device communications are secure. IoT devices that use weak inscription certificates may be vulnerable to a cyber attack. Reduce your IoT network security challenges with Viakoo IoT Device Certificate Manager.

The need for IoT and Edge security has never been greater.

IoT and Edge security are becoming increasingly important as mobile and IoT applications continue to grow exponentially. Traditional architectural solutions are no longer adequate to support the scale and complexity of these applications, posing new challenges for edge security. One key challenge is the need for more highly accessible, low-latency, super performant, secure, and easily scalable platforms capable of processing the enormous amount of data being generated and consumed at the edge of your network.

Edge security certificates can be used to secure IoT devices, such as sensors and cameras, that are often located in difficult-to-secure locations.

IoT edge security certificates provide a high level of security for IoT devices and networks. They are an essential part of any IoT security solution.

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Ensure Your IoT Network Devices are Certifiably Safe

In secured network environments, certificate-based network access control (NAC) is critical to keeping the right IoT devices online, while keeping unwanted devices off the network altogether. The Viakoo Action Platform with Device Certificate Manager (DCM) helps ensure that authorized IoT devices continue to gain access to the network by automatically managing the certification process.

Extend Certificates to All Your IoT Devices

Many enterprises keep their networks secure by ensuring every device on the network has a valid 802.1x certificate. Installing and maintaining certificates for thousands of IoT devices from multiple vendors has been a complex and virtually impossible task. Until now. The Viakoo Action Platform and the Viakoo Device Certificate Manager (DCM) delivers centralized automated full life cycle management for 802.1x certificates for IoT devices at virtually any scale.

Keep Certificates Up to Date Always

Once the Viakoo Action Platform discovers your IoT devices, it immediately analyzes their certificate status. This includes validating certificate presence, age, and validity. Viakoo DCM then enables the automated installation of validated certificates where needed. Viakoo DCM even maintains a complete audit log of certificate history of every device for simplified compliance and audit reporting.

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Deploy Trusted Certificates

Deploy Trusted Certificates

Deploying trusted certificates is key to both security and operational continuity. Viakoo DCM ensures that certificates are valid and have been issued by the correct certificate authorities. An end-to-end life cycle process covers all use and transmission of certificates to protect against corruption or manipulation.

Automate Certificate Updates for Network Devices

Deploying certificates manually device by device across geographies and vendor systems is not safe, efficient, or secure. With the click of a button, Viakoo DCM deploys, updates and manages certificates on virtually any number of devices anywhere.

Viakoo DCM automation saves time and money, while eliminating the frustration of manual certificate management processes. With Viakoo, enterprises know they are in certificate compliance with higher security in minutes instead of months.

Automate Certificate Updates for Network Devices

Viakoo IoT Action Platform

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Viakoo’s IoT Management Solution will scale with your enterprise. With Viakoo, we can prove significant cost reduction, unmatched scalability, a drastic reduction in staffing requirements to manage your devices, and most of all, you will be able to provide an audit trail for compliance that will make any CSO, IT Manager, Risk Manager etc. very happy.

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IoT Device SSL/TLS Certificate Management

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