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Frictionless IoT and Cybersecurity

The Armis® Agentless Device Security Platform integrates with the Viakoo® Action Platform to help resolve these problems and more. The Armis Discovery Platform coupled with the Viakoo Action Platform can discover and remediate more assets than traditional IT and security products like vulnerability management, EDR, and CMDB. The platform also identifies security gaps and device vulnerabilities, detects threats and anomalous behavior, and automates policy enforcement.

Review of the Armis and Viakoo Solution for discovery and remediation of IoT devices.

Armis & Viakoo Provide End to End IoT Cybersecurity

Manage the IoT security and performance of every distributed IoT device in the enterprise with the Viakoo Action Platform coupled with the Armis discovery capability.  Learn how you can use frictionless automation to secure your cyber attack surface!

  • Frictionless Automation: Armis Discovery + Viakoo Remediation capabilities provide an essential cyber-risk mitigation ecosystem
  • Comprehensive Cyber Hygiene: Automated Firmware, Certificate, and Password Management to reduce organizational risk
  • Extend Zero Trust to IoT: Make deployment and management of 802.1x/TLS certificates easy with centralized control and automation
  • Compliance: Push-button reporting and continuous analysis dramatically reduces the compliance burden

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