Viakoo + Forescout Solution Brief

Ensure Every Asset is Visible, Operational & Secure 

The Need for Combined Discovery & Remediation

Current estimates show typically there are approximately 5-10 IoT devices per full-time employee, or thousands to 100s of thousands in an enterprise, put to work solving business problems and delivering critical services to the organization. These IoT devices are just like computers, with operating systems and communications ports that need to be managed like servers in the data center. Unlike IT devices IoT devices are typically not managed, leaving a massive attack surface resulting in an open door for cyber criminals.

Seamless Interoperability

Forescout discovers, assesses and governs IoT devices. Forescout discovers all connected IoT devices, assess them for noncompliance or vulnerabilities and automates policy-driven workflows that govern how the IoT device should be configured and behave on the network. This policy driven workflows can include network access controls and segmentation, as well as orchestration with third-party systems such as Viakoo for remediation, repatriation and asset and incident management.

How Forescout & Viakoo Work Together

Forescout’s agentless and continuous device visibility, assessment and control capabilities make assets known, compliant and more secure. Forescout and Viakoo have bi-directional data sharing, enriching the value of both solutions and assisting in enforcing a Zero Trust environment complete with certificates. Once an asset is identified and assessed, Viakoo delivers an automated, scalable solution that addresses IoT device remediation when needed.

• Full visibility of assets and vulnerabilities
• Monitor and track device operations
• Update firmware to most secure version
• Deploy/manage certificates (802.1x/TLS)
• Enforce password policy
• Enable tool consolidation
• Enterprise-wide span of control

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