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The Viakoo Solutions Overview

As IoT devices become more prevalent, it is important to ensure that they are properly secured and governed. IoT Security refers to the various measures taken to secure IoT devices from unauthorized access and exploitation. Zero Trust is a security model that assumes that all users and devices are untrusted and must be verified before being granted access to resources. In the context of IoT, this means that all IoT devices must be verified and authenticated before being allowed to connect to a network or system. Governance is the process of ensuring that IoT devices are properly configured and used in accordance with organizational policies and procedures. Good governance helps to ensure that IoT devices are used safely and securely, and that they do not pose a risk to the organization.

Holistic Approach to IoT Security

Organizations must take a holistic approach to IoT security, considering both technical and non-technical measures. Technical measures include things like strong authentication, data encryption, and device hardening. Non-technical measures include creating awareness among users and establishing clear policies and procedures for using IoT devices.

What is a Zero Trust environment?

What is a Zero Trust environment?

Implementation of Zero Trust initiatives are rapidly expanding as a valuable methodology to help organizations ensure security for their critical cyber assets. Zero Trust models are based on the principle of “never trust, always verify,” restricting access to networks, applications, and infrastructure unless explicit validation is confirmed. A Zero Trust model trusts no one at each step of access continuously, without sacrificing user experience or system performance.

Remediation of tightly coupled devices takes intelligence

Enterprises have thousands to hundreds-of-thousands of unmanaged mission-critical IoT devices all over the world. Leaving them unmanaged presents serious cyber security risks. To safely realize the benefit these IoT devices offer, CISOs need a solution that offers remediation of all types of devices, and specifically Tightly Coupled Devices. The Viakoo Action Platform delivers this solution.

Remediation of tightly coupled devices takes intelligence
Compliance and Reporting

Compliance and Reporting

When it comes to compliance you cannot be blind to IoT device and application issues that can turn into compliance nightmares. Whether its internal standards specific to your company, or public standards like SOX, PCI, SOC 2, and others, you need an automated approach based on scientific analysis to always be checking. If you currently use manual methods (or even worse, opinions and guesswork), Viakoo can save you serious money and potentially your reputation.

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Comprehensive Cyber Hygiene: Automated Firmware, Certificate, and Password Management to reduce organizational risk

Extend Zero Trust to IoT: Make deployment and management of 802.1x/TLS certificates easy with centralized control and automation

Compliance: Push-button reporting and continuous analysis dramatically reduces the compliance burden

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