Armis + Viakoo – Agentless IoT Cybersecurity

Agentless Asset is Visible, and Operational & Security 

Armis + Viakoo Agentless IoT Cybersecurity Platform Ensures Every Asset is Visible, Operational & Secure 

Even the largest organizations have difficulty finding every asset in their environments. And while a complete asset inventory provides the foundation for an effective security strategy, when a risky device is found, the best outcome is to remediate any risks and return the device to service with an improved security posture. Together, Armis® Agentless Device Security Platform and the Agentless Viakoo® Action Platform discovers and provides hundreds of data points such as firmware version, end-of-life information, and device warranty information. Unmanaged to critical IT devices, Viakoo® + Armis® can remediate vulnerabilities automatically keeping devices and your business safe.

Understand Your IoT Vulnerabilities and Respond to Device Risks.

The Armis discovery platform identifies security gaps and device vulnerabilities, detects threats and anomalous behavior, and automates policy enforcement. Viakoo’s agentless platform uses this information to remediate risks on devices automatically, ensuring they are operational, secured, and working as expected. The actions Viakoo takes include: 

  • Triggering firmware updates
  • Forcing password rotations
  • Refreshing certificates, and more

Viakoo and Armis Agentless Technology Enables You to Reduce Cost and Risk

IoT devices are deployed and supported by many parts of an organization, including Operational Technology, Facilities, Physical Security, and Manufacturing.  Agentless, Viakoo and Armis helps you bring both cost and risk under control:

  • Reducing cost of IoT cyber hygiene
  • Reducing complexity of IoT device security
  • Eliminating manual processes, like data entry
  • Agentless, frictionless deployment
  • Centralized/streamlined management
  • Proof of operational performance

Viakoo and Armis Agentless Technology Enables You to Reduce Cost and Risk

Identify and Classify Devices in Any IoT Environment.

Bad actors see your environment as one interconnected attack surface, making pervasive visibility into every device in your environment a critical need. Armis discovers all devices in your environment—managed, unmanaged, OT, medical, and IoT—on or off your network and in your airspace—giving you the most comprehensive asset inventory available.

Such as Viakoo, Armis is agentless and passive, which is vital because you can’t install agents on unmanaged and IoT devices and scanning them could cause them to fail. Even without an agent, Armis can identify the device type, manufacturer, model, IP and MAC address, OS, reputation, username, software, behavior, connections, risk factors, and more.

Like Armis, Viakoo is also agentless and passive. It performs application-based discovery, finding devices by first looking at the software applications that use IoT devices as sensors (e.g. video cameras), and then following the path from the application to the specific devices. This provides additional information about configuration, usage, performance, and device relationships (i.e. semantic correlation), yielding a full complement of device data.
Armis and Viakoo bidirectionally share extensive device information, ensuring asset managers, IT staff, and security teams have all the information they need about every device.

Armis & Viakoo Provide End to End IoT Cybersecurity

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