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Nozomi Networks + Viakoo

Discover & Remediate Vulnerabilities in IoT Devices

Viakoo’s technology alliance partners are integral to discovering and remediating vulnerabilities in IoT/OT devices and networks, offering invaluable visibility into the network. Our collaboration and full integration ensure that organizations have the tools they need to discover IoT vulnerabilities and remediate them to achieve a Zero Trust security posture. Viakoo and its technology alliance partners share a common goal – to keep your organization safe from malicious actors by discovering and remediating any existing or potential risks quickly and effectively, at scale. We understand that staying ahead of ever-evolving threats is essential for protecting businesses today, so we strive to provide robust solutions for our customers’ needs. Together, we can ensure your IoT/OT network remains secure against emerging cyber threats.

Discovery is Essential – Remediation is Imperative

Viakoo enterprise iot security & Armis enterprise discovery

The Armis & Viakoo solution.

Armis provides visibility into all enterprise IoT devices on your network, regardless of whether they are managed or unmanaged. This allows you to identify potential risks quickly and take steps to mitigate them. The Viakoo Action Platform helps you remediate risks by taking action to fix vulnerabilities. This prevents cyber attackers from exploiting weaknesses in your enterprise IoT devices and helps to keep your organization safe.

Viakoo and Forescout provides end-to-end protection and remediation.

The need for the combined discovery & end-to-end remediation for your enterprise IOT security platform has never more important!

Current estimates show typically there are approximately 5-10 IoT devices per full-time employee, or thousands in an enterprise, put to work solving business problems and delivering critical services to the organization.

Viakoo and Forescout

Viakoo and Nozomi Networks bring IoT discovery and IoT remediation for a complete end-to-end OT/IoT solution.

Together, Viakoo and Nozomi Networks deliver the industry’s first end-to-end, agentless IoT enterprise security management solution that discovers and remediates OT/IoT vulnerabilities rapidly. Today, organizations need two platforms that will operate as one! Being fully integrated, Nozomi Networks and Viakoo provides a single point of management that will scale to even the most complex segmented networks, edge networks and importantly, tightly coupled devices.

Viakoo Enables Partners to Generate Healthy Gross Profits

Join the most lucrative IoT Security remediation program in the industry to capitalize on the rapidly growing IoT Security market.

Viakoo is committed to enabling its partners to generate healthy gross profits. The company does this by providing frictionless IoT remediation solutions and programs that enable them to service a clients needs at scale!

The Viakoo Action Platform is designed to provide companies that have developed IoT Discovery platforms that need the very best in “Remediation and Repatriation” of IoT devices. IoT device discovery is only the first step in providing an end-to-end IoT and cyber security risk management solution.

The Viakoo MSSP program enables partners to resell Viakoo managed security services profitably. The program provides access to exclusive benefits, such as discounts on Viakoo managed IoT security services, marketing resources, and technical support. In addition, the program offers training opportunities to help resellers stay up-to-date on Viakoo products and solutions.

The Viakoo reseller program enables partners to resell the Viakoo Action Platform and services profitably. The program provides access to exclusive benefits, such as discounts on Viakoo products and services, marketing resources, and award-winning technical support.

By providing these programs and resources, Viakoo is enabling its partners to generate healthy gross profits. This, in turn, helps Viakoo to continue its mission of providing high-quality IoT security solutions that enable businesses to protect their data, their enterprise, and stay compliant with various regulations.

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