What is IoT Cybersecurity?

Extend Zero Trust to Reduce Your IoT Cybersecurity Attack Surface

IoT Cybersecurity Starts With Discovery

As the utilization of IoT devices connected to your network is ever increasing, it is imperative to have a comprehensive IoT cybersecurity policy. IoT discovery platforms identify enterprise risk by pinpointing vulnerabilities. That is where a comprehensive IoT cybersecurity plan comes in. IoT cybersecurity is about keeping your enterprise IoT devices safe from the risk of a cyber-attack through being exploited by providing unauthorized access to your network. This process includes identifying your device vulnerabilities, management, the critical function of remediation of your enterprise’s firmware, device certificates, and an effective password rotation policy.

IoT cybersecurity is essential to protect your devices, data, and workplace from crippling cyber-attack. Viakoo works with all significant discovery platforms to identify network vulnerabilities through identifying firmware/patch versions, non-compliant/expired SSL/TLS certificates and device password rotation.

IoT Cybersecurity – Protect Your Enterprise!

Is your IoT Cybersecurity vendor protecting your enterprise?

One of the most common IoT cybersecurity threats is device hijacking. This occurs when a malicious actor gains access to an IoT device and uses it to launch attacks on other devices or networks. Device hijacking can be used to steal sensitive data, disable critical systems, or even launch physical attacks.

To protect against device hijacking, it’s important to ensure that all IoT devices are properly secured. This includes ensuring that devices are password-protected and that only authorized users have access to them. It’s also important to keep all IoT devices up-to-date with the latest security patches.

IoT cybersecurity
IoT Cybersecurity can prevent data theft

IoT Cybersecurity can prevent data theft and unauthorized access.

Another common IoT cybersecurity threat is data theft. This occurs when a malicious actor gains access to an IoT device and steals the data that it contains such as camera feeds or access control platforms. Data theft can be used to steal sensitive information, login credentials that could lock devices access or personal access to business locations.

To avoid this type of threat, it’s important to have strong access control measures in place for all IoT devices. This includes ensuring that only authorized users have access to devices and data, and that all access is properly logged and monitored. In addition, regular security audits of IoT devices and networks can help identify potential vulnerabilities that could be exploited by attackers.

What are some common IoT Cybersecurity threats?

There are a variety of threats that can target IoT devices and networks. These can include:

  • Malware: Malicious software that can infect IoT devices and allow attackers to take control of them.
  • Eavesdropping: Attackers can intercept communications between devices in order to steal data or disrupt operations.
  • Man-in-the-middle attacks: Attackers can insert themselves into communications between two devices in order to intercept or modify data.
Common IoT cybersecurity threats
cyber threat remediation

Organizations need an IoT discovery platform & cyber threat remediation!

IoT devices are often connected to critical infrastructure, making them a potential target for cyber criminals. As such, it is important for organizations to have a plan in place for IoT cyber threat remediation, an IoT device discovery platform for a deep-dive into your connected devices.

Organizations should also have an incident reporting procedure in place in order to document and report any IoT Cybersecurity incidents that occur. This information can then be used to help improve future security needs.

Cyber threat remediation and cyber incident reporting are essential parts of an organization’s security strategy. By having a clear understanding of these processes, organizations can help protect themselves from the growing threat of cyber attacks.

Vulnerabilities begins with access control & video surveillance systems.

An enterprise’s most common IoT Cybersecurity vulnerabilities are video surveillance and access control systems. The ironically, doors and an organizations CCTV/IP camera video surveillance system poses the greatest combined threat for unauthorized network access. An unprotected IoT network can be hijacked and manipulated to gain access to more critical operational management systems compromising data or possibly shutting down critical systems.

Knowing what is on your network in regards to IoT devices, your data streams are secured with TLS/SSL certificates, you have a passwords rotation policy, and your device firmware is current, the chances of a cybersecurity breach is significantly reduced.

IoT Cybersecurity vulnerabilities

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Unparalleled IoT Cybersecurity

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IoT Cybersecurity Risk Management & Remediation

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IoT Device SSL/TLS Certificate Management

Extend Zero Trust coverage to IoT devices with 802.1x / TLS / OPC-UA automated certificate provisioning and management.

Manage your IoT passwords

Are Your Enterprise IoT Passwords Compliant

Automate verification of password policies at scale and meet standards compliance such as PCI, NERC, and NIST.

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Enterprise IoT Device Firmware Management

IoT device security and management with automated firmware updates at an enterprise scale.

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