Enterprise IoT Management & Remediation

The Importance of IoT Management & Remediation

The Viakoo Action Platform is an enterprise IoT management and remediation platform that enables you to monitor, manage and remediate your IoT devices from a single, centralized location. With the Viakoo Action Platform, you can keep track of your monitored devices, their status, and their interactions with other devices in your network. You can also set up alerts and notifications to help you stay on top of any potential problems such as outdated firmware, expired certificates, and non-compliant passwords. An IoT management platform is only the beginning of your IoT cybersecurity journey. The Viakoo Action Platform allows enterprises to remediate and repatriate their IoT devices at scale!

The Viakoo IoT Management Platform Will Reduce Your Attack Surface!

Firmware: A key security breach vector – Viakoo IoT Device Firmware Manager is the solution

The easiest way for a bad actor to compromise an enterprise is by exploiting out-of-date and vulnerable firmware. Unfortunately, device manufacturers don’t make the firmware update process easy. It’s a costly, tedious, manual, and complex effort especially when an organization has deployed different devices from multiple vendors. This is when you need an IoT management platform to prevent a cyber attack.

IoT management platform - Device Firmware Manager
IoT management platform - Device Certificate Manager

Extend certificates to all of your IoT devices with Viakoo Device Certificate Manager

Many enterprises keep their networks secure by ensuring every IoT device is managed on the network has a valid 802.1x certificate. Installing and maintaining certificates for thousands of IoT devices from multiple vendors has been a complex and virtually impossible task. Until now. The Viakoo Action Platform and the Viakoo Device Certificate Manager (DCM) delivers centralized automated full life cycle management for 802.1x certificates for IoT devices at virtually any scale.

Insecure IoT device passwords open the door to your network

Default and enterprise-wide passwords provide the simplest path to hacking any IoT device. Manually checking passwords on distributed IoT devices is a slow and tedious. At scale, it is virtually impossible, leaving devices and networks vulnerable to outside attack.

Viakoo Password Manager (DPM) delivers automated IoT device management and verification of password and password policy management for thousands of IoT devices.

IoT management platform - Device Password Manager stops hackers in their tracks
automated management and diagnostics finds root cause of problems fast

Cyber-Physical system operational intelligence & confidence – automated diagnostics finds root cause of problems fast

Viakoo Service Assurance Manager (SAM) ensures every device on the network is visible and performing as expected – 24/7/365. SAM is for organizations with IoT systems such as video and access control applications and associated devices who have a clear mission to protect the enterprise, its assets, and its employees.

The Viakoo Action Platform is built on Digital Twin technology. Manage your end-to-end network health, the uptime of video and access control, and even if all video streams are being recorded and stored for the desired retention period.

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Let Viakoo prove the value of the Viakoo IoT Management Platform by reducing costs to manage your device firmware, password compliance, and secure certificate management. Viakoo is a 100% AGENTLESS enterprise scale management solution addressing the IoT cyber security needs of all enterprises.

Viakoo’s IoT Management Solution will scale with your enterprise. With Viakoo, we can prove significant cost reduction, unmatched scalability, a drastic reduction in staffing requirements to manage your devices, and most of all, you will be able to provide an audit trail for compliance that will make any CSO, IT Manager, Risk Manager etc. very happy.

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IoT device security

Enterprise IoT Management & Remediation

iot device certificate manager

IoT Device SSL/TLS Certificate Management

Extend Zero Trust coverage to IoT devices with 802.1x / TLS / OPC-UA automated certificate provisioning and management.

Manage your IoT passwords at scale

Are Your Enterprise IoT Passwords Compliant

Automate verification of password policies at scale and meet standards compliance such as PCI, NERC, and NIST.

Viakoo iot device firmware manager - Enterprise IoT security platform

Enterprise IoT Device Firmware Management

IoT device security and management with automated firmware updates at an enterprise scale.

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