Viakoo Action Platform:
Defend the IoT Attack Surface

Every enterprise IoT device 100% visible, operational, and secured

Unmanaged IoT systems provide a simple path for bad actors to gain a foothold into your devices, networks, applications, and private data. But manually managing device security across multiple locations is impossible at scale.

The Viakoo Action Platform automatically discovers, monitors, and updates device firmware, passwords, and certificates for any number of devices anywhere to keep them running, reliable and secure. 

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Cross-Vendor  Management Platform

Deploy, self-configure, and perform a complete range of automated management functions across devices from any vendor with the Viakoo Action Platform. Both SaaS and on-premise versions are designed to smoothly scale and integrate into existing enterprise IT systems and processes, including existing SOAR-based systems and NIST-compliant processes.

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IoT device management for enterprise - woman working on a laptop

See and Manage it All. 

The Viakoo Action Platform delivers a single-pane, real-time view of every IoT device --including medical equipment, point-of-sales systems, HVAC, building access, video security and other IP-based systems.  When they fail or need firmware, password, and certificate updates, you’ll find and fix over 80% without a truck roll, saving time and money.

Secure it All.

Outdated insecure devices are a breach waiting to happen. Viakoo Action Platform ensures all devices have current network certificates and rotated passwords keep your infrastructure secure from attack.  Lock down your IoT systems and move to fully documented compliance by updating firmware, just as you’d patch servers. Close the door on easily discovered enterprise-wide device passwords in minutes. 

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Scale it All.

In addition to extensive support of vendors and devices, Viakoo Action Platform is easily scaled  to support virtually any number of IP devices anywhere--including  IP-based water sprinklers, traffic lights, hospital beds, power supplies, and even standard laptops that are critical to IoT operations.

Integrate it All.

Viakoo Action Platform easily integrates into your management, alerting, and operations systems as part of your overall IT infrastructure.  The modern web interface, mobile application,  REST APIs, database, and email support ensure your extended team can maximize the value of your infrastructure investment--without becoming IT experts.

IoT device management for enterprise - human hand and robot hand

IoT devices don’t maintain themselves. Viakoo Action continously assures these devices and systems are delivering. And when they aren’t, you’ll know.


Thousands of critical IoT vulnerabilities are found and fixed every year.  They don’t do any good if YOUR devices aren’t updated. Viakoo Action gets your devices the latest protections fast.


Outdated and default passwords give hackers a clear path to an IoT-based breach. The Viakoo Action Platform makes the impossible task of verifying passwords a simple set of clicks. 


Managing security certificates across devices, vendors, and geographies is complicated and slow.  The Viakoo Action Platform makes distribution, rotation, and management effortless--even at scale.

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