Firmware Update
Compliance and Automation Tool

Keep firmware updated on thousands of devices via automatic compliance with the Viakoo Action Platform and Device Firmware Manager (DFM).

Firmware: A key security breach vector

The easiest way for a bad actor to compromise the enterprise is by exploiting out-of-date and vulnerable firmware. Unfortunately, device manufacturers don’t make the firmware update process easy. It’s largely a tedious, manual, and complex effort--especially when an organization has deployed different devices from multiple vendors. When the enterprise has thousands of devices to manage, it’s nearly impossible to keep up--leaving your organization vulnerable to attack.

This is where the Viakoo Action platform delivers. Viakoo not only discovers all your IoT devices, it also determines which ones have old firmware and/or are out of compliance. Best of all, in a few clicks, Viakoo Device Firmware Manager updates them all. 

Confirmed Compliance

Once Viakoo Action discovers your IoT devices, it immediately generates a compliance report that clearly displays which devices are compliant with the proper firmware and which ones need upgrades. Viakoo Action also maintains a history of any changes to device firmware for audit purposes.

firmware update tool Viakoo
CFUM firmware library

Trusted Process

Deploying untrusted or corrupted firmware can turn a useful device into an IT nightmare. Confirming that updates are actually genuine isn’t easy. Viakoo provides a secure “chain-of-trust” method to ensure only valid and functional firmware is deployed.  Not only does this provide safety at scale, but it also helps your team be confident in scheduling updates and ensuring IoT devices are operational at all times.

Automated Security

Manually deploying firmware device by device at multiple locations isn’t safe, efficient, or secure. At scale, it is virtually impossible. With a few clicks, Viakoo Device Firmware Manager persistently and automatically updates the firmware of thousands of devices wherever they are--saving time, money, and frustration.

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password management for firmware update compliance

The Next Step - Password Protection

Firmware updates often reset device passwords to a default--leaving your devices and network vulnerable. Viakoo Action helps by assessing passwords to find if default or easily guessed passwords are being used.  Viakoo Action helps establish comprehensive cyber hygiene.