Viakoo, Inc Awarded Patent for IoT Quality Measurement System

Key performance indicators support both problem detection and resolution

Mountain View, CA (September 17, 2020) – Viakoo, a leading provider of solutions for managing and securing distributed IoT devices, has been awarded a patent for their systems and methods of measuring the quality of video surveillance IoT infrastructure. The innovative Viakoo solution generates three key measurements that together define the overall operational health of an IoT surveillance system. These measurements can be used to identify whether a video stream is working properly, can alert users when there are issues that could threaten the integrity of the video recording, and can help point the responsible people towards service and maintenance needs.

“Modern video surveillance IoT applications are larger and more complex than ever before, and at the same time, the video recordings they capture are more important than ever before” said Bud Broomhead, Viakoo CEO. “This new measurement system is just what administrators need to help ensure that their systems are working correctly and, in the case that there are issues, where to focus their attention to get those issues resolved quickly and efficiently.”

Viakoo is highlighting the fact that up until now, determining whether video streams are properly recording has been a complex, time consuming, and labor-intensive process. Existing network monitoring tools provide plenty of measurements, but don’t accurately identify whether each video stream is working properly, being recorded completely, or being retained for the intended period of time. Usually, they can only identify more obvious situations where physical devices fail completely.

Using the new patented measurement system, it is now possible to define the overall operational health of a video surveillance infrastructure at the desired level of complexity – from a single video stream to a more comprehensive system measurement. That is, the company can create overall measures for a single video stream, a single digital video recording server, a collection of servers and the associated surveillance cameras at site, a collection of sites, or an entire distributed organization. Furthermore, by regularly capturing these values, measures can be observed for trends at any level, revealing historic issues, systemic problems or evidence of improvement in meeting organizational goals.

This invention effectively solves an important problem for video surveillance IoT operations as well as provides a comprehensive solution to any IoT application of devices streaming data to recording systems.

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About Viakoo

Viakoo keeps distributed IoT environments (e.g. security cameras, access controls, and other real-world devices) continuously operational and cyber-secure at the lowest risk and cost.  Deployed in minutes, Viakoo delivers customers a single command and control dashboard that detects, alerts and pinpoints service failures, including missing video evidence.  Automated operations reliably update any number of devices firmware, passwords, and certificates to elevate security posture and system performance to enterprise IT expectations and fulfill the security enterprise mission. With Viakoo, users improve distributed IoT reliability and performance, gain critical insight into IoT systems, capture valuable operational performance information, and automate reporting for compliance and auditing.

Viakoo Inc. is an Enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) Applications Management company, located in Mountain View, California, USA.

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