Viakoo Demonstrates Focus on Cybersecurity by Joining Consumer Technology Association and Electronic Security Association

Mountain View, CA (July 10, 2018) – Viakoo, the only provider of proactive solutions to automate surveillance and access control system verification for the security industry, continues to drive standards for security industry by joining the Consumer Technology Association as a startup member, and the Electronic Security Association as an associate member as of 2018.

“By joining CTA and ESA, we’re looking to the future of cybersecurity, physical security, and the Internet of Things,” said Bud Broomhead, Chief Executive Officer of Viakoo. “Many of the growing cybersecurity risks in consumer electronics will require industry-wide focus to solve, and joining ESA allows us to be a part of that conversation. Advocacy to influence public policy relating to these cybersecurity issues is a high priority, and CTA is an incredibly powerful forum with which to do so.”

The Consumer Technology Association, or CTA, accelerates growth and progress for the technology industry with leading market research and education in addition to establishing standards to shape innovation and collaboration within the industry. CTA provides a platform to unite technology leaders, support members and grow innovation for emergent technology.

The Electronic Security Association, or ESA, is the largest trade association representing the electronic security and life safety industries in the United States. ESA looks to build a community in this industry that provides resources, connections, and education for professionals within these industries as well as advocacy for industry issues at large.

Recently, the public eye has been increasingly drawn to cybersecurity issues that threaten physical security systems. By becoming a member of ESA and CTA, Viakoo intends to help raise the profile of the availability of automated solutions that can dramatically improve the operation of physical security solutions.

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About Viakoo
Viakoo automatically verifies performance of physical security systems and delivers automated proof of networked physical security system compliance. Leveraging purpose-built technology Viakoo quickly and automatically detects physical security system failures, diagnoses problems, alerts users with repair information, and maintains historical records on operations. With Viakoo users improve physical surveillance and security reliability and performance, gain critical insight into physical security systems, capture valuable operational performance information, eliminate lapses in security coverage and automate reporting for compliance and auditing.

Viakoo Inc. is an Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) company, located in Mountain View, California, USA.

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