Enterprises are Sitting on a Time Bomb

Enterprises are Sitting on a Time Bomb

The Security Industry Association’s Primer: Minimize Risk by Protecting Privacy is an important first step in changing the profile of physical security solutions from having significant cyber vulnerabilities to being trustworthy.

The recommendations published are the association’s (and perhaps the industry’s) effort at having manufacturers build component-level cyber features within their products.

This is critical as enterprise customer RFPs are starting to require physical security products be trustworthy. Further, they are demanding transparency documenting cyber hygiene for passwords and firmware.

Specific to the physical security market, a recent study by Palo Alto Networks’ Unit 32 found that while security cameras account for only 5% of IoT devices, they represent 33% of the cyber risk, concluding “the general posture of IoT devices is declining.”

Since IoT devices are not IT devices, IT tools do not work to secure them. Uniquely, Viakoo’s Cyber Hygiene Suite is an OT or operational technology solution providing customers enterprise-wide cyber solutions for physical security and broader IoT applications at scale.

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