Viakoo Technical Support Policy



As part of Hosting and Support, at no additional cost, Viakoo will provide the Maintenance and Technical Support Services as further described in this Exhibit regarding the Software Service.

Through Technical Support Services and Maintenance, Viakoo will correct or otherwise fully resolve any performance, operational, quality or security issues with the Software Service experienced by Customer or which otherwise come to Viakoo’s attention.

“Software Service” means Viakoo software products regardless of where it is hosted (either on-premises hosted and managed by Customer, or hosted and managed by Viakoo provided “as-a-Service”).

“Software as a Service” means the application is hosted and managed by the vendor and consumed as a web application or service by customers.

Maintenance Release” means a subsequent version of an application that includes Error corrections and/or upgrades.

Error” means any performance, compatibility, operational, security, or quality issues, which result in the Software Service not operating in accordance with stated supported environments on Viakoo’s interoperability page on the Viakoo website.

Critical Error” means an Error which (a) results in customers’ inability to use the Software Service; (b) disrupt critical business production; or (c) increases the risk of a Security Breach.

Serious Failures” means any Error which (a) disrupts normal workflow or (b) adversely affects customers’ Data.


Viakoo Action Platform (VAP) is a collection of products delivered either as “Software-as-a-Service” or On-Premises.  When purchased as “Software-as-a-Service” Viakoo provides a single instance for all supported customers.  For On-Premises customers Viakoo will provide notification when new releases are available. Viakoo Agents are installed on infrastructure on customers’ premises and have a secure communication channel to the VAP.

Viakoo will use reasonable efforts to upgrade the functionality and performance of the service through Maintenance Releases to the VAP and Viakoo Agents. Updates to the VAP are performed in scheduled Maintenance Cycles that are announced at least 3 days in advance. Update releases of Viakoo Agents can be installed automatically at customers request or can be installed manually by downloading from the Viakoo Support site.


Viakoo will provide:

  1. Access to and use of Viakoo’s technical support information databases regarding the function, operation and use of the Software Service; (see Viakoo Knowledge Base)
  2. Live consultations and technical support assistance concerning:  the features, functions, operation, maintenance and use of the Software Service (including, Errors and Maintenance Releases); Error reporting and status updates; Documentation clarification; technical guidance for the Software Service; and, assistance in identifying, verifying and attempting to resolve problems in the Software Service (collectively “Technical Support Assistance”).

(Collectively, (a)-(b), “Technical Support Services”)

Technical Support Services will be provided by qualified technical personnel with a detailed, working knowledge of the VAP and Viakoo Agents.

Viakoo will provide Technical Support Assistance, as described herein, via an email support channel ([email protected]).  Such helpdesk support will be available from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM U.S. Pacific Time, Monday through Friday, except for official US holidays; for all other times, a best effort on support emails will be in place. Viakoo will be return and respond to in accordance with the chart below.  In addition, Viakoo will provide access to Technical Support Services electronically (via email or secured web site submission) twenty-four (24) hours per day, seven (7) days a week worldwide.

Upon receiving notice of an Error, Viakoo will (i) assign a unique tracking number identifying the Error and its severity; and, (ii) acknowledge receipt of such notice with such tracking number. Viakoo will use all commercially reasonable efforts to make such acknowledgement and provide status updates in accordance with the chart below.

Viakoo will use all commercially reasonable efforts to provide a resolution to an Error that is mutually acceptable to Viakoo and affected customers in accordance with the chart below.

IssueResponseUpdatesTemporary ResolutionPermanent Resolution
Serious4 HoursEvery 24 hourWithin forty-eight (48) hoursWithin one week
Major8 HoursEvery weekWithin thirty (30) daysNext Maintenance Release
Minor24 HoursEvery monthAs mutually determinedAs mutually determined

In the event a resolution for a Critical or Serious Error is not provided in accordance with the foregoing, Viakoo will immediately escalate the issue to the CTO/CISO.

Customer will provide Viakoo with all reasonably available information and materials requested by Viakoo for use in replicating, diagnosing and correcting an Error reported by Customer.