Viakoo Automated System and Data Verification Solution Creates New RMR Opportunities for Integrators

Maximize Efficiency and Boost Bottom Line


Mountain View, CA (October 25, 2017) – Viakoo’s unique Automated System and Data Verification Solution is creating new and profitable Recurring Monthly Revenue (RMR) opportunities for leading physical security integrators. Stanley Security, Siemens and G4S are amongst the list of integration giants expanding their RMR streams with Viakoo’s award-winning and patented solution, which now has logged over 100 million hours of service.

“The ability to proactively verify the operation of physical security systems provides systems integrators with added revenue while reducing costs from unnecessary maintenance calls. Users benefit from knowing that their physical security systems are operating as intended, while providing important documentation of operation for compliance and to reduce potential liabilities,” said Bud Broomhead, Chief Executive Officer, Viakoo.

Integrators can expect the advanced capabilities of Viakoo’s Automated System and Data Verification Solution (including ticketing workflow and automated inventory reporting) to improve service efficiency up to 40 percent, which adds to their bottom line.

“By increasing an integrator’s ability to ensure the integrity and reliability of their customers’ security systems they not only add dramatically to their RMR, they become dramatically more valuable to that customer,” continued Mr. Broomhead.

Viakoo’s automated solution incorporates advanced system analytics that provide early detection of system degradation or failures, a detailed diagnosis of the problem identified, and supplies a recommended course of action to ensure that the physical security systems remain operational. Additionally, the solution offers documentation of system performance and operation as is more frequently being mandated for compliance in some industries. The multi-client platform from Viakoo can be accessed remotely, via smartphone or PC, by authorized personnel, thus providing the added benefit of early notification or look-in capability by technical staff.

With Viakoo, security integrators improve their clients’ physical surveillance and security reliability/performance, gain critical insight into the performance of the physical security systems, capture valuable operational information, eliminate lapses in security coverage and automate reporting for compliance and auditing. This sophisticated software solution, combined with Viakoo’s experienced technical support team, provides subscribers with all the resources they need to effectively detect, diagnose, and solve surveillance and access control system issues from anywhere in the world, 24/7.

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About Viakoo

Viakoo automatically verifies performance of physical security systems and delivers automated proof of networked physical security system compliance. Leveraging purpose-built technology Viakoo quickly and automatically detects physical security system failures, diagnoses problems, alerts users with repair information, and maintains historical records on operations. With Viakoo users improve physical surveillance and security reliability and performance, gain critical insight into physical security systems, capture valuable operational performance information, eliminate lapses in security coverage and automate reporting for compliance and auditing.

Viakoo Inc. is an Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) company, located in Mountain View, California, USA.

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