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AI and Programming Language

This may be leading us to the creation through AI of new programming languages that are highly security focused.

Threat actors are using AI to increase the volume and velocity of their attacks

It’s only through appropriate use of AI by defenders in multiple phases of development and cyber hygiene that organizations will remain secure.

The key issue is what forms of guardrails and monitoring of CoPilot usage has GitHub built-in

As software teams become more comfortable with AI assistance in programming the danger is going to be in use of tools where the guardrails have been purposefully limited in order to achieve another benefit such as performance.

Security solutions like SCA, SBOMs, VEX, and so forth will adapt to AI

These are all technologies that are constantly being improved, and will adapt to AI. With SBOMs in particular it’s likely that AI will play a critical role in the generation and analysis of SBOMs.

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