Camera Firmware Update Manager

Safety and Security at Scale

  • Automate Firmware Compliance
  • Achieve Sustainable Cyber-Hygiene
  • Report on Firmware Status
  • Operate Across Multiple Sites
  • Eliminate Manual Effort

Viakoo’s Camera Firmware Update Manager (CFUM) provides capability to automatically update firmware on camera devices from one or more vendors, and perform these updates with a chain-of-trust method that ensures integrity of the firmware. CFUM complements other foundational capabilities in Viakoo to help organizations achieve sustainable cyber hygiene.

As with other Viakoo reporting capabilities, users can choose what level of their operation to report on (site, region, or globally).

CFUM is a key piece to overall lifecycle management, and to achieving better cyber-hygiene.  Camera devices begin their life with out-dated versions of software and, over time, fall further behind. Additionally, the distributed nature of physical security infrastructure along with the large number of individual devices make it difficult to find and catalog the devices with versions deemed out of date due to bugs and security vulnerabilities. The logistical problems of upgrading devices are compounded by the difficulty of even knowing what you have and whether it needs to be upgraded.

CFUM brings new capability to assist integrators and end-users to automate maintaining cameras with the most secure firmware available.  CFUM is a standalone subscription product, and does not require the use of other Viakoo products.  However, for the added benefit of service assurance we recommend the CFUM subscription be used with Viakoo Preemptive and Viakoo Predictive subscriptions.

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Download CFUM datasheet

Detailed push-button reporting on camera firmware present

Control over firmware updating process

Compliance-based view of all camera devices

Guided process for firmware chain of trust

Detailed information specific to make and model

CFUM automatically detects camera information – no input needed