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Viakoo is the leader in IoT management and security automation at any scale.

How Viakoo Helps Your Enterprise Manage its IoT

Today’s enterprises have thousands of IoT devices that keep their employees and facilities secure, patients alive, money flowing, office temperatures just right, and perform dozens of critical functions to ensure the business runs smoothly. If that network of devices fails or the security of those devices is compromised, the business itself is compromised.

Vital IoT-based systems don’t stay running, reliable, and secure on their own. Unmanaged, they silently fail, fall out of date, or--even worse--become a vector for attack.

Viakoo Action Platform prevents enterprise IoT failures, simplifying and automating IoT management, to keep IoT-based systems running, reliable, and secure--saving time, money, and aggravation.

The Leader in Automated IoT Management for the Enterprise - About Viakoo
Bud Broomhead - CEO of Viakoo

Bud Broomhead

Founder, CEO

Bud has deep experience in mission critical enterprise systems. Before founding Viakoo, he worked for storage leaders Sun Microsystems, Highground Systems, Auspex Systems, and others in key executive roles. Bud has a BS in Earth Sciences from UC Berkeley and is fluent in French. He is also a proficient seaplane pilot.

David Nelson-Gal - CPO of Viakoo

David Nelson-Gal

Co-Founder, Chief Product Officer

David is a well-known Silicon Valley engineering leader. He headed the datacenter high availability products group for Sun Microsystems. After Sun, David served as VP of Engineering at Interwoven and a number of other Silicon Valley technology companies. He has a BS and MS in Computer Science from the University of Michigan. David builds large scale art projects and is an amazing baker.

Dr. Manqing Lui - Viakoo Chief Scientist

Dr. Manqing Liu

Co-Founder & Chief Scientist

Manqing has deep experience in networking and storage performance, optimization, and algorithms. Before joining Viakoo, he was Director of Advanced Development at high availability storage vendor Intransa, and he also had lead technical roles at Cisco and Seagate. Manqing has a PhD in Physics from Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada. In his spare time, he enjoys playing tennis.

John Gallagher - Viakoo Marketing VP

John Gallagher

VP of Marketing

John is a veteran enterprise marketing leader in both the storage and networking industries. Before joining Viakoo, he was at storage systems leader DataDirect Networks, Meru Networks, and Dell/EMC. John has BS in Engineering and MBA in Marketing from Cornell University and speaks (basic) Japanese.

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