2024 IoT Security Crisis: By The Numbers

Organizations Are Threatened With Vulnerable IoT Applications and Device Systems – Here’s What You Need to Know

Based on commissioned research by Viakoo, this ebook provides the numbers on how IT leaders
view the significance of the IoT threat to their organizations, what the impact of those key threats
are, the missing pieces of the IoT security technology stack to improve defenses, and how
governance is more focused on IoT applications and device system security.


Learn The Critical Missing Pieces to IoT Security

The Key Data in The Survey That Makes This an IoT Security Crisis:

  • 83% of IT leaders agree their attack surface grew one application at a time, and should be
    remediated one application at a time
  • 22% of organizations have had a serious or business-disrupting IoT security incident in the
    past 12 months
  • 71% of IT leaders wish they had started their IoT security efforts differently in order to get to
    remediation faster
  • Only 35% of IT leaders believe they are successful in using agentless network-based asset
    discovery for managing IoT vulnerabilities
  • Half of IT leaders believe that IoT is the weakest part of their security efforts

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