Viakoo Enterprise IoT Security Platform


Viakoo has delivered over 1.3 billion hours of enterprise IoT security platform management on over 1 million IoT devices at many of the world’s largest and most distributed organizations, ensuring the highest level of risk management, cyber security, OT/physical security, and enterprise IoT security platform protection.

The Viakoo Action Platform helps cyber security teams keep their enterprises operating and safe.

Enterprise IoT Devices Offer Cyber Criminals a Huge Cyber Attack Surface

Of enterprise IoT devices have critical CVE scores

Of all enterprise IoT devices need firmware updates immediately

Of all enterprise IoT devices have certificates missing

Of all enterprise IoT devices are using default passwords

The Viakoo enterprise IoT security platform protects organizations from the cyber risk attack surface IoT devices represent


Automated firmware patching, password policy enforcement, and certificate management


Return all IoT devices as full network citizens safely delivering value to the enterprise


Continuously track devices for compliance and audit purposes

Don’t let IoT devices become a cyber security threat

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Viakoo Action Platform™
enables scalable, enterprise IoT security by reducing your device risk delivering business value and ROI you need while eliminating the threat they represent.

Master the Security of Your Enterprise IoT Security with the Viakoo Action Platform

As IoT deployments continue to grow, so does the need for robust enterprise IoT security solutions. Viakoo's enterprise IoT security platform provides the most comprehensive and versatile protection available, keeping your data and devices safe from threats. The Viakoo Action Platform includes a wide range of features and tools to meet the needs of any enterprise IoT security at scale.

As the world becomes increasingly connected, the need for robust security solutions becomes more apparent. Viakoo provides the most versatile enterprise IoT security solutions available, protecting your devices from bad actors. The Viakoo Action Platform offers a variety of features and options to suit your needs, ensuring that your enterprise IoT devices are always safe and secure.

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Enterprise IoT Security At Any Scale

Fully manage cyber hygiene and IoT security performance across virtually any number of distributed enterprise IoT devices and systems from any vendor from anywhere from a single browser-based console.

Quickly Locate Out-of-Compliance IoT Devices

Nearly 75% of all IoT security problems can be fixed remotely via Viakoo’s easy-to-use-interface, which accelerates time-to-fix by pinpointing operations and IoT security risk. Viakoo finds IoT devices that are out-of-compliance with firmware, have old passwords, or use out of date security certificates.

Complete IoT Security Automation

Discover, update, monitor, and fix all your enterprise IoT security without lifting a finger. Reduce cost while reducing the enterprise risks with automated, controlled system-wide updates.

Harden Your Enterprise IoT Security and Devices to Reduce Your Cyber Security Risk

Once deployed, IoT devices frequently are unmanaged, presenting a cyber security risk. Download this white paper to learn about cyber vulnerabilities as well as how to harden your enterprise IoT devices such as cameras, card readers and more.
Enterprise IoT security platform
armis device discovery and viakoo enterprise iot device remediation

Armis provides visibility into all enterprise IoT devices on your network, regardless of whether they are managed or unmanaged. This allows you to identify potential risks quickly and take steps to mitigate them. The Viakoo Action Platform helps you remediate risks by taking action to fix vulnerabilities. This prevents cyber attackers from exploiting weaknesses in your enterprise IoT devices and helps to keep your organization safe.

Viakoo enterprise iot security & Armis enterprise discovery

Viakoo and Forescout Deliver an
End to End Enterprise IoT Security Platform

The need for the combined discovery & end-to-end remediation for your enterprise IOT security platform has never more important!

Current estimates show typically there are approximately 5-10 IoT devices per full-time employee, or thousands in an enterprise, put to work solving business problems and delivering critical services to the organization.

CRN - Top 10 Coolest IoT Security Companies 2022

The Viakoo Action Platform debuted in October to deliver remediation and repatriation of IoT devices, enabling them to join or rejoin as a full citizen with an audit trail for governance and compliance. 

The Viakoo security platform automatically discovers, monitors, and updates IoT device firmware, passwords, and network SSL certificates for unlimited devices across an enterprise.

Remediate and Repatriate your Enterprise IoT Devices

Viakoo iot device firmware manager - Enterprise IoT security platform
iot device certificate manager
Manage your IoT passwords at scale