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Easily update firmware, deploy and manage certificates, and ensure password policy enforcement

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"Inclusion as a 2021 Cool Vendor by Gartner is a testament to how effectively we meet our customers’ goals to secure, remediate, and repatriate devices"

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IoT & OT devices are your fastest growing attack surface.  These devices are everywhere, lack certifcates and updated firmware, and can easily become a means for bad actors to infiltrate your network and steal data from critical IT systems.

Don’t wait for failure to happen. Viakoo keeps distributed IoT systems working reliably by proactively pinpointing and correcting issues before they fail to deliver. Viakoo enables you to be proactive in maintaining cyber hygiene with firmware, password, and certificate management. In just minutes, Viakoo keeps your critical devices from turning into your worst enemy.

Viakoo has delivered over 900 million hours of unmanaged and IoT device management, assurance, and cyber hygiene to some of the world’s largest and most distributed enterprises.

Viakoo Action Platform helps CISOs keep enterprises operating and safe

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Master the Security of Your Cyber-Physical Systems 

Buying and installing hundreds of mission-critical unmanaged and IoT devices isn’t enough. These devices won’t stay working, updated, and secured on their own. Like all business resources, they need to be vigilantly managed to work for you-not for someone else.

The Viakoo Action Platform manages IoT devices to assure they’re operational, secured, and working as expected.

Elevate Your Device Management to Enterprise IoT Security Standards  

You may know where all your IoT devices are located. That doesn’t mean these devices are operating properly and don’t pose a threat to the rest of the network security. Viakoo Action provides an enterprise-class management layer over all IoT-based systems to keep them delivering. By automating manual processes, such as software and security updates, the Viakoo Action Platform keeps your system running safely, saving time, money, and hassle.

Eliminate Network Security Risk with Automated Failure Detection and Diagnostics

“Is it still down?” are words you never want to hear when it comes to your IoT security systems. Viakoo surveys show that manual methods typically take more than a week to fix IoT failures. Don’t wait for a critical incident to expose your IoT security risk, and don’t spend days going from one console to another to debug.

Viakoo’s automated software collects diagnostic inputs continuously, correlates data, and performs predictive analytics to identify potential issues before they become problems. Viakoo ensures every enterprise IoT device is 100% visible, operational, and secured.

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  • Wow. You did it. Nobody else in this space has done that...nobody. Viakoo blows them all away!
    Jonathan D. Kozak
    Dir. IT & R&D, Elite Interactive Solutions Inc.
  • Thank you Viakoo for the services that you provide to our school district in protecting our districts infrastructure. As an end user I would encourage other end users to explore utilizing the services of a company that offers notifications of critical physical security failures and diagnostics of your security infrastructure.
    Guy Grace
    Director of Security