Managed Services with
Viakoo Assist

Ensure Your Physical Security Systems Are Working, Secure, and Compliant

Service Assurance for All Sizes of Organization

The Viakoo Assist Service (VAS) is a managed service offering that provides the benefits of service assurance to physical security teams of all sizes.  Most physical security end users do not have onsite physical security experts, yet want to know that their security systems are being checked, watched over, and quickly fixed.  That is exactly what VAS does.

VAS is offered by integrators to their customers – providing a clear outcome – no missing video evidence!  As a managed service offering from the integrator, VAS fits with how many organizations buy IT and security solutions currently.

Missing video evidence is a problem that plagues the industry. All systems suffer from this. Too often, video stops recording for hours or days, and the stakeholders don’t know until it’s too late. Our Managed Service, Viakoo Assist Service, solves this problem

Easy to Setup

Viakoo secure software agents are installed on the end user system - takes minutes.  From that point forward, everything is handled for the end user to ensure that video evidence is always available:

  • The system is constantly being checked to make sure video is being recorded and stored properly
  • If an issue is detected we automatically diagnose the root cause of it and develop a fix-it plan
  • Your integrator, armed with detailed problem information and fix-it plan, is able to proactively resolve the problem – in most cases before any impact on video recording
Viakoo deployment v2
Viakoo VAS report

Insightful Reporting 

A weekly operations report is generated, helping the end user to know what was done and to record the ongoing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and operational status of their system.  KPIs include video path uptime, video stream deliverability, video retention compliance, and access control uptime. This report can be generated for specific sites, regions, or geographies.  

Reduced Risk & Improved Safety

Not knowing is your security systems are working is (in the best case) inviting disaster, and can leave your business open to legal, compliance, and brand reputation issues when you can't produce needed video evidence.  

With Viakoo, you’ll rest assured your systems are working and when problems occur they are detected in minutes instead of months.

camera problem detection time
viakoo certificates - IoT device passwords

The Next Stage: Certificates

Implementing 802.1x certificates ensures that unauthorized devices never get on your network in the first place. Learn more about Viakoo’s certificate management.