Sustainable Cyber-Hygiene for Industrial IoT

Download your copy of a new white paper from industry expert Ray Bernard.  In this white paper Ray takes aim at what is needed to achieve sustainable cyber-hygiene in a cost-effective, automated, and systematic way.

Cybersecurity for IoT devices is hard, and physical security devices are some of the hardest IoT devices to secure. Cybersecurity is hard for any networked computer but is harder for IoT devices because they are not “ordinary” computers.

  • Most of the devices deployed in the past 20 years have no built-in security.
  • Those that do have some security features have still been found to be vulnerable.
  • There are many such devices and they make attractive cyber targets.
  • They can be weaponized and used to attack other targets.
  • Because IoT devices operate on their own without continual user interface, they can be hijacked without the owners knowing about it.
  • IoT device owners don’t think of the devices as computers. They don’t realize the computing power they contain, or their need for cyber security, although that is changing due to some highly publicized cybersecurity events and device vulnerabilities.
  • Any network-connected device is a potential target for outsider or insider threats and must have appropriate cybersecurity measures put into place.
  • IoT devices are cyber-physical systems, meaning that they don’t just operate in cyberspace. They operate in physical space and interact with the physical world.

This white paper gives practical advice and direction on how to cost-effectively achieve sustainable cyber-hygiene of your physical security systems.

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