Viakoo’s Physical Security Experts Are Here To Help

Viakoo has two service offerings; RapidResponse, where we quickly resolve failures in physical security systems, and Viakoo Professional Services which are custom-defined service engagements.

viakoo-rrRapidResponse is “Urgent Care” for your physical security system.  Our physical security experts work with you to resolve failures in physical security ASAP.  Give us your nagging problem and we’ll solve it fast.

Viakoo pro servViakoo Professional Services leverage the decades of accumulated physical security expertise within Viakoo.  We’ll discuss your needs and define a custom statement of work that achieves your goals.

Service Requirements

Viakoo uses our core technology in service engagements.  To make it easy for your organization we can perform service either using an outbound-only connection or with all data gathered onsite using our GreyBox option (unlike our subscription products which require a persistent outbound-only connection).

  • For organizations who can allow an outbound-only connection, Direct to Cloud provides the fastest time to results.  Viakoo can provide documentation to your InfoSec team on how our system is designed to ensure we meet your information security policies.
  • If your organization does not allow any outbound connectivity, the GreyBox option can perform all the data gathering required for analysis.  That information can be brought into the Viakoo Datacenter in a number of ways depending on what is best for your organization.