Know Your IoT Systems Are Actually Working

Complex distributed IoT systems can fail, and when they do it often goes unnoticed.  Problems can happen anywhere; servers, applications, networks, storage, and the IoT devices themselves must work together as a team.  Further adding to the issue is that how data flows across an IoT system is non-deterministic; each data path can (and often is) different than the next.  This makes diagnosing and fixing issues time-consuming, iterative, and error-prone. 

As every networked system has needed before, IoT systems need a service assurance solution to detect, diagnose, and recommend fixes.  Not only does service assurance prevent downtime but it also provides the data gathering and tracking needed to monitor system performance and track operations for compliance and audit purposes.  The Viakoo Action Platform ensures that your IoT devices are working and functioning and gives you immediate alerts when failures occur and detailed information for how to fix them.  

Ensure Your IoT Devices Are Continuously Operational

Many organizations don’t know their IoT system are working until they go to check the results.  For IoT physical security systems, that moment is when the crucial video evidence can’t be retrieved (surveys show that happens about 30% of the time).  Only the Viakoo Action Platform can provide you with a single pane of glass that shows IoT operational status across a wide range of devices, makes, models, and locations.

service assurance for IoT devices
service assurance - image of dashboard

Have Metrics Drive Your Operation

How well your organization is managing IoT is a story best told in numbers.  Key performance indicators (KPIs) can help you focus attention where it is needed, and guide your budget and overall operations.  System uptime, data retention, and network path deliverability are continuously measured, giving you a historical record of operations.  Backed by more than 750M hour of service assurance coverage, Viakoo Action Platform is the leading solution for metrics-driven IoT management.

Resolve Problems Fast the First Time

Knowing something isn’t working is only part of the problem – you also need to know how to fix it.  With distributed IoT systems that isn’t easy because you have to open multiple device consoles, assess applications, and perform manual data gathering to get to a conclusion.  And if you get it wrong it’s back to the beginning – wasting days if not weeks.  Viakoo Action Platform uses it’s advanced Reasoning Engine and comprehensive analytics to analyze the data and assess the best way to fix things so you do it right the first time.

service assurance - maintenance and repair
service assurance - Viakoo platform example

The Next Stage: Certificates

Implementing 802.1x certificates ensures that unauthorized devices never get on your network in the first place.

Learn more about Viakoo’s certificate management.

The Viakoo Action Platform Modules: