Get Started Now Remotely Solving Security System Issues

Can’t Send Technicians Onsite?

Move to Remote Problem Resolution with Viakoo

As most physical security professional know, there are many ways that security systems can fail in their mission to gather video evidence or grant appropriate access.  Traditional methods require that the customer finds a problem, technicians come to assess and analyze the situation, one or more tries at fixing it happen, and then it gets resolved.  Let’s face it:  traditional methods leave security systems down for a period of time, and require people onsite to spend time searching for a solution.

Viakoo changes that.  Our approach involves a digital connection between the security system and the people who maintain it.  With Viakoo you get immediate notification of failures, instant diagnosis of failure root cause, and an automatically generated fix-it plan.

Moreover, with over 750 million hours of real-life usage Viakoo has the experience needed to help in times like now.  We’ve analyzed tickets generated by Viakoo over time, and we’ve found that 74% of security system issues are ones that can be fixed remotely.  No need to send someone onsite.