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Viakoo is an automated solution to verify video and access control system performance while providing continuous compliance. Viakoo transforms service and maintenance from reactive to proactive allowing you to get ahead of issues. Viakoo’s field proven and patented solution proactively eliminates the risk and cost of downtime from failures that go undetected. With Viakoo you eliminate time consuming, costly, and ineffective manual troubleshooting procedures, that lead to prolonged outages and missing video evidence.


As an automated Industrial IoT enablement solution, Viakoo’s solution runs advanced analytics to provide early problem detection, scientific diagnosis, and recommended corrective actions to ensure that video surveillance and access control system operation is fully documented, capable of passing audits and meeting compliance requirements.


Viakoo immediately detects physical security technology failures across the entire network infrastructure, automatically alerts you of the problem, and tells you how to fix it. Through modern, safe, and secure automation, coupled with our expert knowledge, you can leverage Viakoo 24x7x365 for an accurate real-time status of your physical security network and systems.

Product Comparison

Viakoo Predictive is available for both cloud-based and on-premise deployments, and offers advanced reporting and troubleshooting features ompared to Viakoo Preemptive.  Click on the feature chart for specific features.

Product comparison Predictive Preemptive

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