Physical Security System Service Assurance & Cyber Hygiene

Automated Physical Security Service Assurance & Cyber Protection

The Viakoo Action Platform continuously analyzes and verifies performance while maintaining the overall integrity of your physical security system by using a digital twin model of networked surveillance, access control and IoT devices.  An automated solution, the Viakoo Action Platform runs advanced analytics to provide early problem detection, scientific diagnosis, and recommended courses of action to ensure that all surveillance and security systems and device operation is fully documented and in continuous compliance.

And since no network-accessible physical security system is completely safe, and no industry, government, or private network is immune, security management needs to protect the integrity of their physical security networks. The Viakoo Action Platform ensures cyber hygiene of every device on a physical security network with certificate, firmware, and password management.

Cyber Assurance of Physical Security Systems - Acme Sprocket Dashboard

The Viakoo Action Platform consists of four core pillars 

Scaling Critical Processes with Automation

The Viakoo Action Platform provides a comprehensive and infinitely scalable physical security network performance assurance and cyber-hygiene solution. The powerful platform constantly analyzes the integrity of every networked device and infrastructure to detect performance anomalies, identify changes and issue alerts, including:

  • Automated device discovery and indexing with status and reporting
  • Quality of Service metrics
  • Digital Twin database of record
  • Configuration detection and analysis
  • Failed password login attempts
  • Bandwidth and power consumption.
Cyber Assurance of Physical Security Systems - proactive platform


The Viakoo Action Platform alerts system administrators of potential problems as they evolve so they aren’t blindsided by calls from customers or from senior management. The proactive solution provides constant vigilance of entire physical security system’s condition, not just isolated devices, like conventional “self-test health checks” common to many application specific systems. Critical component alerts on specific camera stream anomalies or devices that are not performing to spec, are accompanied with “fix-it” recommendations to perform the necessary service the first time. This helps to  eliminate guesswork from service calls, minimizing manpower time and costs while ensuring continuous system uptime.

Cyber Assurance of Physical Security Systems - preemptive platform


The Viakoo Action Platform allows system administrators to take action to prevent failures from occurring by automatically detecting degrading conditions, and providing  detailed information required to quickly remedy issues and simplify task management. The platform also provides mobile access to manage impending issues from any remote location, further allowing system administrators to quickly and easily share critical information, assign tasks, and dive into details as needed to root out system issues.

Cyber Assurance of Physical Security Systems - predictive platform


The Viakoo Action Platform lets system administrators strategically plan their physical security system needs with detailed inventory and location information for every device on the network. The powerful platform generates precise metrics on system performance and quality of service over time, allowing system administrators to closely monitor all critical conditions across multiple devices and applications. This data provides invaluable insight into future system performance, to help clearly identify where immediate and/or future system enhancements may be required.

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