Leveling-Up Your Physical Security Standards:

Service Assurance, Cyber Hygiene and Compliance for the New World

Physical security systems technology has evolved into a whole new state of being over the last few years. In fact, many new system technologies and solutions with embedded AI are coming to market faster than systems specialists can determine real-world applications for them. This accelerated convergence of physical security systems, the IoT and IT infrastructure has created a new enterprise-wide solution for emerging security, health safety, and business intelligence applications. 

The migration to intelligent, software-driven networked physical security systems has empowered system designers with the ability to configure highly integrated solutions with far-reaching capabilities. In fact, new integrated physical security systems have evolved from being reactive to predictive by effectively providing myriad data points that can discover anomalies to help prevent incidents from even occurring. This ranges from detecting a physical object or movement where none should be – to flagging repeated failed attempted access to a secured location – to identifying abnormal human behavior such as fighting versus hugging and more. The same advanced algorithms are now being readily applied for business intelligence, secure cities, health safety, and manufacturing compliance. 

As network infrastructure continues to improve with greater bandwidth and distance thresholds, more and more devices will continue to be added to physical security networks behind previously impenetrable firewalls and in the Cloud. Each of these will have its own distinct footprint and device inventory to be monitored, secured, and maintained. This expanded system model promises to deliver tremendous volumes of data for myriad security and business intelligence applications – yet creates new pain points and questions for physical security and network systems administrators, including: 

  • What devices reside on the current network?
  • Have any unauthorized devices been added to the network?
  • Are they all performing as intended?
  • Are there any indications of trouble that require attention?
  • Are our network and the devices on it cyber secure?

The Viakoo Action Platform 

The Viakoo Action Platform addresses all these new pain points and more by analyzing and verifying the performance of every networked device. An automated IoT enablement solution, the Viakoo Action Platform runs advanced analytics to provide early problem detection, scientific diagnosis, and recommended courses of action to ensure that all surveillance and security systems and devices are operational, fully documented, cyber secure, and in continuous compliance.

What’s more, the Viakoo Action Platform  keeps physical security networks operational and cyber-secure  at the lowest risk and cost!

The platform is based on a unique bi-directional flow of metadata and “push-down” policies. This uniquely enables the Viakoo Action Platform to collect and analyze data from every networked physical security and IoT device, and effectively manage each end-point via collection policies, software and firmware updates, certificates, and password management. 

The Viakoo Advantage

Exclusive Competitive Feature and Benefits

  • Enterprise-class system
  • Firmware updating for core security devices
  • Password rotation for added cybersecurity
  • Certificate management 
  • Extensive range of supported devices 
  • Proven performance with leading companies
  • Automation ensures policies, procedures, and compliance
  • Reduces corporate risk
  • Tangible ROI

The Viakoo Action Platform Modules:

The Vertically Integrated Solution for Physical Security Device Management

Every vertical market has its own physical security and business intelligence challenges. The Viakoo Action Platform addresses the specific challenges of individual markets by allowing users to configure the modules and features they need to best monitor and manage their networks.

physical security - Group of a students studying in the university library

Viakoo helps educational organizations maintain and automate cyber hygiene across all forms of campus operations while reducing cost.

physical security - Male doctor discussing reports with senior patient suffering from back pain in clinic

Viakoo reduces the need for onsite maintenance while ensuring compliance and cyber defenses are always maintained.

physical security - Men during precision work on production line, horizontal

Viakoo makes IoT device monitoring and cyber hygiene automated across corporate campuses and facilities of all sizes.

physical security - Hallway of tower servers in data centre
Data Centers

Viakoo eases the compliance burden with 24/7/365 continuous analysis, automated cyber hygiene, and push-button reporting for auditors.

physical security - Metal stillage in a warehouse with cartons

Viakoo provides visibility across supply chain and transport with IoT device performance monitoring and comprehensive cyber hygiene.

physical security - Top View of City hall and Liberty Square, Porto, Portugal

Viakoo reduces the cost of maintaining and securing IoT devices across multiple locations and geographies.

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