Below are some of the reasons our customers rely on Viakoo

Your SituationHow Viakoo Helps You
Are you migrating from DVRs to NVRs?Viakoo tracks system resource usage, such as CPU/Memory/Network/Storage, so that you can tell if the system is capable of handling desired loads.
Do you have camera stream instability issues?Viakoo detects stream instability at TCP/IP socket level, and it correlates with other metrics to tell you if and why you have stream stability issues.
Is your file system ready and healthy?Viakoo checks file system readiness and its consitency. Many times the file system is degraded due to system crash, and users have no clue until video is lost completely.
You need scientific proof of uptime and performanceViakoo's purpose-built technology scientifically analyzes dozens of system characteristics to find issues that otherwise go undetected
Is your VMS process crashing from time to time?Viakoo detects the VMS process instability by checking VMS process IDs and correlates with many other system parameters to indicate the cause.
Is your storage system configured properly?Viakoo checks RAID configuration; many times users configure a huge RAID array using RAID5, which almost always will cause data integrity issues. Viakoo can detect this early to avoid time-consuming storage reconfigurations.
Is your network ready?Viakoo checks network bandwidth usage, latency, ping drops, and TCP/UDP port changes for each camera stream. It also checks many network configuration parameters, things like network speed, MTU, default gateway, packet drops, tcp retries, etc.
How do you make sure your retention is satisfied without losing video quality?Viakoo measures both stream bitrate and stream daily storage usage per stream, it can guide you if given storage capacity is enough for desired retention. If not, it helps you to balance stream usages so that you can achieve the stream retention without losing quality.
Do you need more storage?Viakoo tracks stream daily storage usage, and it measures video retention compliance. USers can tell right away if additional storage is needed for the given retention requirement.