Reducing Distributed IOT Device Risk 

Enterprises have thousands of managed and unmanaged mission critical unmanaged and IoT devices all over the world.  Many of these cyber-physical devices are security risks.  CISOs have lived with these risks because there has been no cost effective way to quantify and mitigate these risks.  The Viakoo Action platform dramatically changes this equation (or tradeoff).

Quantifying the IoT
Device Risk

The first thing CISOs need to do is understand the risk for their most important IoT systems. Viakoo automatically discovers the devices on these managed systems and reports on the risk associated with each system and device. 

In minutes, the Viakoo Action Platform shows you a complete inventory of how many systems and devices you have around the world. Viakoo then goes a level deeper to evaluate the firmware, password and 802.1x certificate status and risk for each device.

Distributed IOT Device Risk - compliance report
Distributed IOT Device Risk - Certificate Jobs 1 cropped

Remediating Risk

Finding risk is one thing, remediating it is quite another. This is where the Viakoo Action Platform shines.

Instead of coordinating multiple departments around the world with lots of vendors, Viakoo action provides 1 click remediation of risks associated with firmware, password and 802.1x certificates. This way, you can move to compliant posture almost instantly.

Maintaining a Continuously Secure Risk Posture

Viakoo Action Platform automatically maintains your compliant risk posture.  Devices are continuously moved, added, removed and changed.  Firmware, passwords and certificates need to be updated and rotated regularly.   Unlike other one time manual processes, Viakoo keeps your IoT devices secure 24x7x365.

Distributed IOT Device Risk - Continuously Secure Risk Posture
Distributed IOT Device Risk - Prove Compliance and Support Audit

Prove Compliance and Support Audit

Once you have distributed IOT devices secured, CISO’s must maintain compliance and support audits.  Viakoo makes this quick and simple with complete logs of all changes to each device and customized reporting to meet your organization’s requirements.

Amazing ROI

Until now, it was just too expensive to manually monitor and remediate security across thousands of devices in 100s of locations.  For the first time, Viakoo Action Platform centralizes and automates the discovery, remediation and compliance of security for  1,000 of IoT devices.  In the past, this work would require manual processes on top of coordinating  and configuring 10s to 100s of device management systems.  Viakoo Action Platform dramatically reduces the costs associated with IoT device security and makes the impossible not only affordable to enterprises, but so cost effective that CISO can finally close IoT device security risks at an ROI far higher than almost any other security project.