Healthcare Risks from Distributed IoT

Healthcare organizations face an urgent and growing threat from distributed IoT devices.   These devices are rapidly growing in number, often operate autonomously 24/7, do not have dedicated IT involvement, and according to multiple studies are the most successful method that cyber criminals use to hack an organization. 

In creating the Viakoo Action Platform to ensure that every enterprise IoT device is visible, operational, and secured we crafted a solution that addresses the key reasons why hackers target distributed IoT.  Our experience serving hospitals, medical supply chain, and pharmaceutical organizations gives you a solution proven to deliver reduced risk and costs to organizations like yours.

Unique Needs of Healthcare 

Security is paramount for healthcare organizations, both for the safety of employees and to assure better patient outcomes.  Viakoo has worked with many leading healthcare providers, with key features for healthcare:

- Multiple Areas with Different Security Needs:  Optimized security across Emergency, Neo-natal, ICU, Pharmacy, Inventory Control, Parking Lots, etc.

- Many types of people on site, including contractors, visiting nurses and doctors, patients, and visitors

- Need for automated proof of compliance for Joint Commission and other audits


healthcare tablet
Consumer vs Distributed IoT

Healthcare IoT Devices are High Value Targets

Distributed IoT devices inside a healthcare organization are much more attractive targets for hackers than consumer IoT.  Consumer IoT devices are few per person and deployed individually or in very small systems. In contrast, distributed enterprise IoT devices are numerous and deployed in ways that can lead to significant risk if they are breached.

  • Loss of high-value medical equipment and
    assets; internal or external theft
  • Access, use and theft of drugs and other
    pharmaceutical items
  • Insecure ‘hot labs’ with nuclear medicines used for radiation
  • Workplace, domestic or street violence
  • Patient elopement, accountability
  • Illegal parking
  • Infant abduction
  • Vandalism

How Viakoo Enables You to Reduce Cost and Risk

IoT devices are deployed and supported by many parts of an organization, including Operational Technology, Facilities, Physical Security, and Manufacturing.  Viakoo helps you bring both cost and risk under control" 

  • Reducing cost of IoT cyber hygiene
  • Reducing complexity of IoT device security
  • Eliminating manual processes, like data entry
  • Avoiding sending people onsite
  • Centralized/streamlined management
  • Proof of operational performance
  • Audit, employee retention, etc.
  • Automation – especially for cyber
Identifying and keeping track of distributed IoT devices

The Viakoo Action Platform consists of four core pillars