Viakoo 100 Day Healthcare Initiative

At a time when healthcare organizations need to limit onsite visits without impacting employee and patient safety, Viakoo would like to offer a helping hand.

The Viakoo 100 Day Healthcare Initiative enables remote problem resolution for 100 days to healthcare and other organizations at the frontlines of fighting against the Covid-19 pandemic.  This is a no-cost, no obligation use of the industry’s leading remote problem resolution service, Viakoo’s Video Assurance Service (VAS).

Program Details:

  1. Viakoo will provide healthcare organizations on the frontlines of fighting the Covid-19 pandemic use of Viakoo Video Assurance Service for 100 days to assist them in remotely detecting, diagnosing, and fixing physical security system issues.
  2. Organizations must provide the following information:
    1. Name of person applying, title, and email
    2. Head of Physical Security name and email
    3. IT contact name and email
    4. Estimated number of cameras and/or doors
    5. Name of Security Integrator (if none leave blank)
  3. Within 2 days of registering, Viakoo will coordinate with the healthcare organization and their security integrator to install Viakoo Video Assurance Service and provide training to the appropriate people.
  4. Viakoo will provide all normal support and updates to members of this program.